Wine and food in Zakładka are inseparably bound. A return to the most pure forms of expression inspired by the taste of classic French cuisine brings the perfect reason for the  wine not only the French. For strengthening values of food and the pleasure of this flowing.

Our wine list

Conception being a french bistro creates that our wine list has permanent part of French labels and the part that rotates seasonally. Almost every country can be found in our wine menu. Wines made with endemic grape varietes reflecting the character of the wine region in the particular country. Our wine list is a wide range of wines from different parts of the world and also Wine Selection by the Glass is changing  at least twice a week.


Items such as orange wine or wine produced in clay amphoras, organic wines and those from sustainable  cultivation and natural wine - those are new products, which we introduced in autumn 2016.
Since November 2016. We are also in possession By the glass, a system that allows us to serve a very refind wines by the glass.

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