ZaKładka Food & Wine – is a return to the purest form of transmission of taste inspired by the classics of the French cuisine, Parisian bistro and brasserie. The ZaKładka’s cuisine is a great and true joy not only from its consumption but also from cooking. That’s why food served here carries only positive and good emotions.

Rafał Targosz – chef and co-owner writes on his blog:

This year it will  probably be 20 years or so since I sat with my, at that time, culinary guru in a local tavern in Auxerre. I remember like wandering around a few cool brasseries, we visited Dear Mister Pastry Cook, ate his terrine, rillettes and drank red wine. At the end we finished up in a small café owned probably by a famous former  cyclist who wanted to enjoy a peaceful old age in the company of friendly community. Then I built, on the foundations of my hopeful youth, my plans for the future. Life and reality lead me, after twenty years of running after the target, to the project that provides an expression of longing and fascination of that old period of time – simple cuisine and unlimited joy of life.

We are in favour of good quality products. Our suppliers are mainly small producers; we import wine directly from France but not only. In our offer there are local products whose diversity will systematically grow. In our bistro, the taste of our dishes is the most important. That is why we created simple and not binding design which does not, in any way, harm or spoil what is the most essential.

Tenement house where ZaKładka is located is a monument of Georgian architecture of the late 18 century. In the nearest area there are: House of the Podgórze History, House of Podgórze Photography, Podgórze Market Square and the famous Father Bernatek’s footbridge which joins Kazimierz and Podgórze. On this unique footbridge we have based the idea of giving the name of our bistro, which is on the other side of the Vistula River.